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Cube Orbit is a 3D real-time tactical color match game. Plan ahead to forge awesome color combos. Make split-second decisions before your angle fades and the clock expires. Adjust your tactics to defeat increasingly complex levels with four alternating mission goals.

Enjoy cubical aesthetics full of colors, effects, and a fitting 8-bit sound design.


  • fast paced and unique mix of casual and arcade gameplay
  • for players who like spatial puzzles, split-second assessment of odds, and cubes
  • hundreds of levels
  • 4 alternating level goals
  • 5 collectable extras
  • 2 special abilities and 7 passive upgrades
  • opt-in ads
  • no in-app payment (IAP)
  • abstract shapes, retro colors, and 8-bit sounds
  • not suited for people impaired with photosensitivity or color blindness

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